Healthy Water

There are 5 pieces to this puzzle. Each piece of this puzzle is as equally important as the other. And, ALL of these pieces are ESSENTIAL for HEALTHY & SAFE WATER.

#1 reason for Unhealthy Water is poor Circulation.

Are your return water jets pointed UP so you can see the water rippling when the pump is on? Not Good. If you put a spoon full of sugar into a glass of tea, you wouldn’t just stir the top of the glass, right? The water coming out of the jets is filtered sanitized (chlorinated) water & should be directed Down so it can replace the stagnant water that is growing bacteria & algae. Your jets need to be positioned properly & the skimmer & main drain valves need to be set correctly to maximize water flow. Nothing else works properly when a pool has bad circulation. This also means "run-time". The pump should run during the heat of the day & all at one time.

Spending money on better and more Circulation means spending LESS MONEY on manipulating your water with aggressive chemicals.

Take a look at a "2-Speed Pump" or "Variable Speed Pump". These pumps or motors are so Energy Efficient they can run twice as long & still save money on the power bill. It is extraordinary.

The more debris a filter captures, the better it filters. Very small debris can pass through a filter. When larger debris is trapped by the filter it "tightens up the pours" so to speak. The trapped larger debris then starts trapping the smaller particles that otherwise would have pasted through the filter. Your pressure gauge lets you know when to clean your filter. If you don’t properly filter debris, it is UNHEALTHY.

This is a blend of minerals and some chemicals applied to your pool or spa to make the water far less aggressive, or "Kind" to your skin, your eyes, the pool surface, your equipment, everything the water touches. Water is very aggressive. For example, if you put a nail into a bucket of water, the water will eventually turn that nail into a liquid. The metal isn't gone, it just changed from a solid to a liquid. Water is hungry for minerals so, we add minerals to water to feed that hunger. Well balanced water keeps the water from eating the minerals from your pool surface (Plaster, Pebble-Tec, Diamond Brite). Or eating up the metals from your equipment (pump, filter, heater etc...) This blend also helps maintain the acceptable ranges of pH valve which is the most important part of water balance. This balance makes the water very “kind” to your skin and eyes. All in all, well balanced pool is better for you than "Tap Water".

This is the ugly part. Many people don’t want to talk about it. Sanitizers kill the bacteria, germs, viruses, mold, fungus, algae and other micro-organisms that can make water unhealthy. There are many types of sanitizers. The most common, of course, is chlorine. Sanitizers should and can be kept at LOW LEVELS.

If circulation is poor, then filtration is poor. This causes a rapid growth build-up of organic contaminants. To keep up with killing this growth a sanitizer might need to be applied at 5 or 10 times normal levels. Water balance has a direct relationship to the effectiveness of chlorine. For example, if the pH value is high, it greatly reduces chlorines ability to kill organic contaminants.

Or "Shock" as it is commonly known. Sanitizers kill organic contaminants. Now there are Dead Organisms waiting to become food for the next generation of bacteria. The dead organisms have to be removed from the water and that is what Oxidizing or Shocking your water does. It literally "burns-up" and "gasses off" the dead contaminants. If this is not done to your body of water on a "regular" basis, with out question your water is UNHEALTHY.

If you or a pool service company is under treating or over treating your water, it is equally as unsafe & unhealthy. We know of many service companies that load the pool up with chlorine every week. It is very harmful to swim in but, it is very clear. It Looks good. Don't confuse clear water with safe water! Clear is a good start however, Muriatic Acid is crystal clear but it doesn’t mean its safe to swim in.

Here's the truth. Every minute of the day your water is trying to go BAD. Every day a combination of fungus, mold, pollen, algae, bacteria, pesticides, fertilizers & other harmful micro-organisms enter the water & in much larger quantities if it rains.

Dogs or other wild animals? (Raccoons, Opossums, Ducks) Dogs carry heavy amounts of dead skin, dander, body oils, hair, urine, fecal matter etc... Track in from the yard dirt, bacteria, more fecal matter, fertilizers, etc... It has been reported that one dog in a pool is the equivalent of more than 20 people.

Kids? We all know what they bring to the pool.

The Good News: This is nothing new to us & we have the educational training in the science of maintaining Beautiful, Safe, Healthy, Refreshing water.